Mozilla Launches 3D Gaming Effort

by Sam Dean - Oct. 03, 2011Comments (0)

Did you know that Mozilla is pushing 3D gaming online? According to a Mozilla Labs post, the company is working on a game engine called Gladius, and will be officially introducing it in a few weeks. Mozilla has also built RescueFox, a prototype game, which it says is designed to "validate" the Gladius game engine. The game works in current versions of Firefox, and Mozilla suggests that you can try it in Chrome and other browsers as well. RescueFox is playable now.

According to Mozilla Labs:

"RescueFox was developed to make sure that the Gladius gaming engine was really going to be suitable to build games against.  CJ Cliffe started by doing lots of work initially directly against CubicVR.js, a great 3D engine that Gladius depends on.  It’s the same 3D engine used to build the No Comply and Flight of the Navigator demos."

The initial RescueFox game involves traveling throughgh space with a pet fox, who escapes to an asteroid belt. You're equipped with a detector and your job is to rescue the fox. In its current implementation, the game is very simple, but it's a first step in Mozilla's overall plan to advance 3D gaming.

You can play RescueFox here, and Mozilla will be providing updates on its plans in the 3D gaming space. 

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