Microsoft Serves Up Android Client for Hotmail

by Sam Dean - Oct. 05, 2011Comments (2)

While Microsoft has a reputation for being less than friendly toward operating systems other than Windows, and especially unfriendly toward open source platforms, it also has a history of eventually realizing that it must offer its applications on non-Windows operating systems. Just look at the company's long history of delivering Microsoft Office and other applications for the Mac. In the latest news on this front, Microsoft is now offering a Hotmail client for Android.

You can get the Hotmail client for Android at Android Market now.  While Hotmail still claims many users, Microsoft has had to come up with new ways to compete with Gmail, which has won lots of users over. And, while it may seem that Microsoft's phone strategy is at odds with Android, the company actually makes substantial money from Android-related fees. Also, Android helps slow the adoption of Apple's iPhone.

It makes perfect sense for a Hotmail client to arrive for Android, and it's surprising that Microsoft hasn't delivered one until now. The new client works with Microsoft's ActiveSync technology, lets you send pictures from your phone using Hotmail, and also supports multiple Hotmail accounts. 

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It should probably also be noted that this isn't actually a "Microsoft" release. The company behind the application is called Seven. They've had a client available in beta for Android for quite a while. They stopped supporting their beta product presumably to focus on ironing out some of the kinks with hotmail when they were able to hook up with Microsoft.

I've used both and let me say that it is a great addition if you need Hotmail access. About the only thing its missing is a new mail indicator on folders. It's easy to tell if you have new mail in the inbox, but if your account is managed by a series of rules to auto-sort things, then you miss out on knowing when someone has sent you new mail outside of the inbox.

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Have you ever heard for bing for android?

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