Mandriva Christmas Present and Beyond

by Susan Linton - Nov. 12, 2010Comments (5)

MandrivaEugeni Dodonov, newly appointed Mandriva Cooker Manager, has posted the details of the next two Mandriva releases as well as announced the new release schedule policy. One of these release comes as a Christmas surprise, something seen from the Mandriva project before.

Dodonov posted to the Cooker mailing list that Mandriva will be releasing two releases in the coming months. The first will be seen around December 22, as a Christmas present for all Mandriva users. Mandriva 2010.2 is a freshly updated version of 2010.1, or Mandriva 2010 Spring, with all the security and bugs fixes that have been implemented since 2010.1 was released, "plus also lots of improvements, stability and performance fixes in many, many packages."

In addition, Dodonov announced the release schedule for Mandriva 2011. An alpha will be released January 31, 2011; Beta 1 will be released February 28, 2011; Beta 2 on March 28, 2011; Release Candidate on April 25, 2011; and Mandriva 2011 Final should be announced on May 30, 2011.

Starting with the 2011 release, Mandriva will change to a one release per year schedule replacing their previous two per year practice. Dodonov said this is to give developers more time to cook "greater releases, and - of course - will give us more time to test, validate and further improve the overall quality of the release."

Exact technical specifications for each will be published online in the coming days and weeks on the Mandriva Wiki.

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i switched over from a pc to a mac back in december and i absolutely LOVE my 13 inch macbook, i havn't had any problems with mine and what i really like is how fast everything is. it's really easy to figure out and the widgets are really cool,

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@ blainej lundy

You are using Mandriva on a macbook? Or do you have some comment that has nothing to do with Mandriva - or even Linux?

I am using a bicycle, I looove the speed and manoeuvrability!!

And this last remark is as sensless as yours, because it also has nothing to do with a Mandriva or Linux ... or a macbook...

So - would you mind to keep things on-topic please?

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Makes sense to change to one release per year. The kernel has matured to the point where it does not make sense to upgrade more than once per year. Same for the rest of the major pieces (X/Desktop envinronment) that make the desktop. Plus Mandriva is losing more developers, so it gives them more time to cook up a good distro.

I'm glad to see them going after using Mandrake/Mandriva since about 1999.

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I didn't realize there were any developers left at Mandriva.

I'll have to give a look at it when its released

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Its the best distro out there I believe if you are serious about Linux which is the best operating system.

The one aspect that ever gave me a problem was the rpm files but they aren't that difficult to learn about.

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