Mandriva 2010.x Reaches End of Desktop Support

by Susan Linton - Jul. 13, 2011Comments (1)

mandrivaToday the Mandriva Security Team sent out a message to users that versions 2010.1 and 2010.2 have reached the end of their desktop support. "They will be supported in Base support mode for additional 6 months."

The usual lifecycle for Mandriva desktop system is one year for most userland software such as KDE or Firefox and an addition six months for base systems such as the kernel or Apache. Mandriva 2010 was released November 3, 2009 and reached its end of life May 3, 2011. The following incremental updates, 2010.1 and 2010.2, were released July 8 and December 23 respectively. Both have reached the end of their desktop support and have only six months of base support remaining, ending January 8, 2012. Most enterprise class systems enjoy five years of support.

Mandriva 2011 is still in development with a recent release candidate being the latest entry. Release candidate 2 is expected July 26 and Final is scheduled for August 29. That should mean that 2011 will be supported until August 29, 2012 for desktop software and February 29, 2013 for base components.

Mandriva 2011 will feature systemd for the boot process, RPM5, a switch to networkmanager, concentration on one default desktop and standardizing the applications, more simplified installer, and new interface elements by Rosa Labs. Also planned is combining KDE settings into the Mandriva Control Center and possibly a welcome application to introduce users to Linux and Mandriva features including how to get help.

Update: Eugeni Dodonov posted that due to a huge number of requests, full support for Mandriva 2010.1 and Mandriva 2010.2 will be extended for an additional six months, through January 8, 2012.

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how can they end support before releasing 2011? which will by the way appear when? 2012?

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