Linux Mint Debian 201109 Released

by Susan Linton - Sep. 17, 2011Comments (3)

linux mintLinux Mint can be a bit difficult to keep up with these days. One is based on Ubuntu, another on Debian. The newest Debian-based version comes with GNOME or Xfce while the Ubuntu-based counterpart is available in GNOME or LXDE. 32- and 64-bit versions are available for both. Today brought a new release: Linux Mint 201109 Debian (GNOME & Xfce).

Mint 201109 Debian boasts all the same features as Ubuntu Mint (released in May 2011). The installer has received some improvements in things like the keyboard variants, locale, bug fixes, and UUID in fstab. Support has been added for Update Packs with a custom Update Manager and staged repositories for it. Also new this release is GTK2/GTK3 theme compatibility and fresh-squeezed software. Some of the known issues are a lack of boot splash, broken PDF printer, a few packages still not ported, and minor cosmetics issues in GRUB.

Mint Debian is considered a rolling release and the introduction of Update Packs was in effort to stem any negative effects from updating from Debian Testing, such as catastrophic breakage. The Update Packs are collections of Debian updates that have been run and tested for a short period of time before being sent to Mint's Debian Latest. It's a safety measure for users that prefer to avoid risky updates.


Linux Mint 201109 Debian Xfce, Update and Software Manager


The live DVD ships with some decent starter software such as LibreOffice, the GIMP, Firefox, and several music and video players. This is almost irrelevant as Mint offers a vast selection of additional software and is compatible with upstream codebases.

I've mentioned before how much respect and admiration I have for the Mint project. They offer an amazing product with lots of added value. They listen to their users and code their fingers to the bone.   They also run their project with what appears to be complete transparency. My only question is: where's the KDE version!?

See the announcement for download information.

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yeah i know there's update packs and what they're supposed to do. don't regurgitate release notes. rather offer your expert take and explanation, concerning this:

"When Update Pack 3 is made available, your sources will need to change and all of them will then point at Linux Mint. In the meantime, it is recommended not to apply updates coming from “Security” and “Multimedia”, as they might not be compatible with the packages in Update Pack 2."

... why would anyone upload an iso and offer it for download of a distro version that's apparently not ready?

that said i put the gnome thing on a spare oldish notebook and where mint gnome based on ubuntu choked it this one flies. i guess it has to do with debian but also it matters how a DE's implemented...

still, i have no idea who and when will "change my sources.list" LOL

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Yes, I too am waiting on the KDE LMDE version. I keep seeing things in the forums that indicates it is going to be on its way soon... But I think this will clench my leaving of Ubuntu (well currently Kubuntu as I already gave up on Unity) for Mint or Debian... Also, I tried Gnome 3 on Fedora and had the same issues with it that I did with Unity in terms of usability. It boils down to I just don't like it. Looks like that may be the way of the world though as Windows 8 appears to be going that same direction....

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that said i put the gnome thing on a spare oldish notebook and where mint gnome based on ubuntu choked it this one flies. i guess it has to do with debian but also it matters how a DE's implemented...

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