Linux Mint Computer Case Stickers... For Europe?

by Susan Linton - Sep. 26, 2011Comments (2)

mintLinux Mint is said to be gaining ground on Ubuntu's popularity dominance lately. This means more folks are using Linux Mint than ever before. These users are bound to be distributed throughout the world - granted with a large concentration in Europe. But there are sure to be users in the USA, Asia, Australia, and South America too.

It could be a bit disappointing to users that new Linux Mint case stickers are available from in Europe. So, just when my outrage was beginning to take hold I find that these attractive professional quality stickers priced at .45€ costs 1.80€ to ship. That doesn't sound too bad really. Would you pay .61¢ plus $2.44 shipping for a Linux Mint sticker (for US residents)?

I bet a true fan would. And Mint gets a tiny cut from the sales. So, if you use Mint, why not order up some stickers to show off your favorite brand of Linux.

In addition, has stickers for a wide range of distributions, including a bundle pack of twelve of the most popular.

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Mint does not accept donations from certain people. Mint's founder, has a political view, openly espoused, which I oppose and which is why I will not use Mint as any revenue possibly gained by my use could be used to fund activities I do not approve of.

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Fund what activities? Developing the distro? All he ever did was ask people who support Israel's abuses against the Palestinians to not use or donate to Mint. Quit making it out to be anything more than it is. You'd think he'd asked for people bomb Israel the way some of you lot carry on crying. It's childish. Grow up.

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