Linux Mint 11 KDE to Be Based on Debian, Maybe

by Susan Linton - Jul. 11, 2011Comments (6)

mintLinux Mint 11 GNOME was released nearly two months ago. Some of us have been waiting for the KDE version to test (and possibly use) and wonder where it is. Today a blog post by Clem gives a clue.

No release date was given, but a release candidate is hoped for sometime this month. Clem said, "Linux Mint 11 KDE has been in testing for a couple of weeks and during its testing a couple of design decisions were made, including important changes in the software selection and the look and feel." But he identified some issues they've been encountering. These include a "lack of performance and the amount of resources needed by the Kubuntu base... along with a regression in the installer." Although these issues are being handled, some on the Mint team think it might be better to forego Kubuntu and just switch to their Debian base. This solution would provide the "performance it needs and make KDE a viable alternative on mid-spec computers." Indeed, I think it might be a preferable choice as long as the same ease-of-use elements enjoyed in traditional Mint are employed in the Debian spin (such as binary drivers and proprietary codecs).

Clem said, "Depending on this discussion, we could see a Linux Mint KDE 11 RC release this month, or an LMDE-based rolling Linux Mint KDE RC some time in August."

On the LMDE editions, Clem posted that some of objectives for the next release include:

● Improving the way people roll and update their system
● Improving the installer
● Improving the way people install proprietary drivers
● Re-spinning the ISOs

Also mentioned is the update process and the project's new 'update packs.' In a previous post, Clem described the new update packs as a group of updates taken from the Debian tree on a monthly basis and assigned a package number by the Mint team. With this once-a-month update and knowing the package number, a user might identify problems and regressions a little easier. It might also assist helpers on the forum in rectifying any problems. All this is aimed at making upgrades more enjoyable and less risky experience.

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debian has become a favorite of mine after starting linux with ubuntu. for others i tend to suggest linuxmint. personally i run lxde rather than kde, but it is appealing at times. im just a natural minimalist with computers.

so Im happy to see a leaner meaner mint! thanx to the devs!

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@Doughbury: The Mint team will be releasing update packs to test for issues and lock down the updates for the Debian edition. Its not quite a rolling release, but it is more stable and you only get bugged once a month to update. Otherwise, you get a handful of updates daily with the rolling release not knowing if it will break existing programs or not.

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Another solution would be to install Debian stable from KDE Live CD. If that is too old for you in terms of package versions, update to Testing and once you are sure it's all working stay there for a while, enjoy and do your work. Then update again only once in a while when you have some time to spare in case issues arise. Noone is forcing you to run update every day. Works out really well for me with Arch. But I'm not using KDE so a massive pile of code that could potentially go wrong is not there.

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I get confused, is Debian Maybe part of the Testy branch?

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Thanks "anonymous." Those are some good suggestions. I think Debian Stable with KDE may indeed become my next fallback plan. I suppose it is inevitable that I'll have to switch eventually. Mint and Ubuntu seem to be heading in two different directions, so it seems kind of ludicrous to expect Mint to continue on the Ubuntu base. Yet, I'm starting feel like I am a curse to which ever distro I try :-)

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I'm running KDE on Debian Stable. A working system is better than brand new and buggy. Plus, I dislike the amont of hand-holding the "user friendly" distros want to do for me. My advice is run a real Debian system and play with the big kids. ;-)

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