Linux Foundation Sites Remain Down After Troublesome Attack

by Sam Dean - Sep. 13, 2011Comments (2)

The Linux Foundation has reported that service to and will return "in the coming days," following a brute force attack that brought the sites down. Still, there is little news about who brought the sites down. According to a FAQ that visitors are redirected to from "We are aggressively investigating the source of the attack. Unfortunately, we can't elaborate on this for the time being." The attack brought the sites down for several days, and one has to wonder what the hackers who did this were possibly thinking. 

According to the FAQ:

"Our team is working around the clock to restore these important services. We are working with authorities and exercising both extreme caution and diligence. Services will begin coming back online in the coming days and will keep you informed every step of the way."

The first question about this hack that comes to mind is why this attack was executed on these particular sites. The next question would be how the hackers could possibly execute things in such a way that the sites remain down for several consecutive days. As DesktopLinux reports, the origin of the problem was reportedly group of servers at, and these infections affected other boxes.

So effectively, reportedly functioned as a distribution point for the malware.  The Trojan itself is reported as a "self-injecting rootkit." 

You can find The Linux Foundation's announcement and FAQ here.  The whole mess seems very unfortunate, and hopefully we'll hear more in the coming days about what happened and see the affected sites brought back up.


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it's sad people do this to such major websites

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May be they need to switch their sites to Windows 2008 R2 ;)

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