KDE Community Delivers Version 4.1

by Sam Dean - Jul. 30, 2008Comments (0)

The K Desktop Environment (KDE) Project has released KDE 4.1, which we covered when it was in beta, here. In addition to new features, version 4.1 serves up a number of new applications within the environment. These include the personal information management suite KDE-PIM with its e-mail client KMail, the planner KOrganizer, a new RSS feed reader, a newsgroup reader and many more components. There are also a number of bug fixes to version 4.0. You also get the Dragon Player media player and the KDE CD player, in addition to updates to the Konqueror browser.

As we wrote in reviewing the beta: "Just as Microsoft Windows Vista's Aero interface organizes graphical views of key parts of the Windows desktop, KDE uses an interface called Plasma to create panels, menus and desktop components. Plasma is now much more mature in the 4.1 beta version, with support for multiple, resizeable panels and more." I'm just starting to use the final 4.1 version, but the beta already showed enough interesting applications that users will be interested.

It is worth noting that KDE 4.1 does not include all the features found in version 3.5 yet. "The KDE team is working on those and strives to make them available in one of the next releases," says the team's announcement. The primary goals with version 4.1 were to include enough essential applications to attract early adopting users. You can find screenshots and quite a few more details here.

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