Interesting Twist in the openSUSE Board Elections

by Susan Linton - Jan. 18, 2011Comments (4)

openSUSEAfter the controversy of the openSUSE artist and Board nominee being expelled from the project, packager Nelson Marques asked a series of probing questions to help determine for whom he might vote. The only trouble is he turned to the likes of Nietzsche, Stallman, and Gandhi for inspiration. Now that may not seem like a bad thing at first, but fellow lizards had a problem with it.

Marques said, "To me it is important the answer to this questions, as through such answer it will be possible for me to sharp my opinion about some of the people behind the applications." These questions are:

1. "Battle not with monsters, lest ye become a monster, and if you gaze into the abyss, the abyss gazes also into you." - F. Nietzsche Given the discussion regarding the recent action of the current board in expelling a member, could you please comment the quotation above having in mind that action (and your knowledge about the situation)?

2. "Resentment seems to have been given us by nature for a defense, and for a defense only! It is the safeguard of justice and the security of innocence." - Adam Smith Whats your interpretation of the quote from Adam Smith.

3. Do you consider yourself a 'forgiving' oriented person? Please justify. In case you have restrictions to 'forgiving' could please identify them? Elaborate please.

4. "In general, the Internet was not designed to accommodate deliberate failures to communicate." - Daniel J. Bernstein Could you please give us your interpretation of the previous quotation ?

5. "All governments should be pressured to correct their abuses of human rights." - Richard M. Stallman Should only 'governaments' be pressured to correct abuses on Human Rights? What's your stand regarding Human Rights? Should an organization like openSUSE subscribe the Universal Declaration of the Human Rights? Should be Board be also the safekeeper and Guardion of such? (consider that the Universal Declaration of the Human Rights also contemplates the right to 'defense').

7. "Freedom is not worth having if it does not include the freedom to make mistakes." - Mahatma Gandhi Could you please comment the quotation above and relate it to your future position on the Board? Please elaborate.

6. If you take decisions on the Board on behalf of the community and the people that voted on you, do you believe that you should inform those people on controversial disputes about your standing? Where is the line between your own personal standing and the will of those who elected you?

Well, these questions didn't go over real well. Marques was a defender of Sirko Kemter and raised questions of fairness in the decision of the Board to terminate him. His choice of questions days later seemed to revolve around fairness, freedom, and rights. He received a few answers but none from other Board nominees.

Most answers expressed objection to the nature of the questions and motives behind them. One respondent called them "stranger than fiction." Another said it was "over the top" and one other called it a "passive-aggressive attack on the existing board."  He suggested Marques share what else he was going to do for openSUSE in his two year term other than trying to reinstate his friend.  Most just wanted to stick to things directly relevant to the job of serving on the Board much like the questions from Vincent Untz. 

He asked things like:

2) How much time per week can you secure (approximately) for the board?

4a) Have you experience with creating/dealing with a budget?
4b) Where will we find money for the Foundation?
4c) What should we use the money for?

7) Do you care more about Free Software or Open Source?

Needless to say, he got thoughful responses from each candidate. The candidates are Sankar P, a Novell employed programmer; Henne Vogelsang, Novell employed programmer; Chuck Payne, openSUSE Ambassador; Nelson Marques, contributor; Kostas Koudaras, openSUSE Ambassador; Peter Linnell, programmer and founder of Scribus; and Sebastian Kügler, KDE e.V. Board member and openSUSE enthusists. The election results for the two available seats should be announced on January 26, 2011.

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This guy makes me wonder sometimes. i've dealt with him a handful of times in other software projects, and he just seems like a real mess. He recently ragequit the openSuSE marketing project, which reminds me of his repeatedly leaving the Fedora marketing project, and his wild ideas of all the changes he was going to make in the porteguese community, etc etc etc. Any folks looking to vote should go peruse the Fedora Marketing archives between Feb2010 and, I'd guess, August 2010. It's an interesting look most owuldn't see of him

I watched all of this from the distance, but it just seems like he hasn't really ever *done* anything. He seems like he's all bark and no bite, big words without actually doing anything. I'd be scared for any community who lets him represent them on their board.

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He's a carpetbagger simple as that. Leaves destruction in his wake and champions righteousness for his own self-serving egoitistical purposes. Can't seem to stand the very idea of working with others, wants only his way or the highway. We were lucky to get rid of him at Fedora and sadly now OpenSuSE has him. I wouldn't wish him on my worst enemy.

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I believe this person is known to the Portuguese old timers as "GwaiN" (IRC) and "nmarques" (mailing lists, PLUG and Gildot). If so, though I am aware that he needs no defense, I would like to let people know the following:

- Nelson (nmarques on Gildot) was one of the most voted by the community in Portugal to take the spot of Editor in Gildot (a slashdot like clone in Portuguese founded by the Linux Investigation Group from the University of Minho); This only proves Nelson though sometimes polemical and hard-headed had the love and trust of a large number of people. He lost by a small vote difference (one or two votes) to Mario Gamito (bladerunner) which was even a more hard tempered person than Nelson. Everyone who has promoted Linux in the last 10 years in Portugal is very aware of those two persons.

- Nelson (nmarques/GwaiN) was one of the most active and helpful persons on #linux (PTnet), and when the founder of the channel 'nuno' left, Nelson was the person appointed to take the role and the command of the channel. This choice was strongly supported by our community and his work on that channel is well known of all of us. He was the one sharing those 'powers' with other people he considered better choices. This shows how much 'ego' oriented he was.

I am happy to see he is still committed to helping people. Give him a proper shot, because if someone can make some things happen, he is the right person. Try to blow 'sand' into his eyes and you will find strong opposition (have you tried to do this?)!

Nice interventions from 'possible' Fedora contributors. Ever wonder yourselves if your narrow vision has actually done more harm than good? Try to realize how Portuguese in general see the Brazilians. Need a Youtube link from the highest responsible from the civilian Police (PSP) stating that Brazilian immigrants are responsible for the rising number of violent crimes practiced in Portugal? This includes several incidents, one of them around those dates includes bank robbers making hostages. They were shot live on TV by the police.

Nelson stood by the concern of the negative impact the "Brazilian" terminology has. He was right and almost in Portugal (excluding politicians) will subscribe Nelson idea.

Fedora seems to be naive... Never empower Brazilians against Portuguese, this is not a single incident.

I'm a Ubuntu user, so I point this:

And anyone from another open source project remembers Nelson trying to push a campaign with the same goals many months before? I am happy to use Ubuntu and that made such a move.

Frederico Duarte Lopes

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There's more than meets the eye on that chap... He is no fool, that I can tell.

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