If You Haven't Seen It, Look Into Google's Open Source YouTube Channel: OSPO

by Sam Dean - May. 10, 2011Comments (0)

As the Google I/O conference kicks off this week in San Francisco, many developers and others are tuning in remotely to streaming events. If you're an open source developer or user, though, one of the existing ways to get at a treasure trove of archived video-based material from Google is the company's relatively new open source channel on YouTube, found here. Dubbed Google OSPO and launched late last year, it is chock full of good content and you can set alerts for new content that arrives there that relates to your interests. Here is more on how to get the most out of this tool.

Via Google OSPO, you can find out about Google's student developer programs, and I highly recommend the fantastic Geek Time series of interviews. The Geek Time interviews often feature movers and shakers at Google, such as the company's Open Source Program Manager Chris DiBona, who is directly involved with everything from Android to Chrome OS. There are also interviews with The Linux Foundation's Jim Zemlin and many other folks of interest.

Through Google OSPO, you can also get at the Google Tech Talks videos, which are regularly updated.  "Recognizing the vital role that open source software plays at Google, we of the Open Source Programs Office are tasked with maintaining a healthy relationship with the open source software development community," says Google OSPO's mission statement.

It really does run deep with resources for the open source community--worth checking out.

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