Got an Android Phone? Check Out These Undersung Resources and Apps

by Sam Dean - Aug. 17, 2011Comments (1)

If you're an open source fan and you carry a smartphone, you may very well tote an Android phone. Android is carving out increasingly large share in the smartphone market, but, as has been true of the iPhone, the more apps that crowd Android Market, the harder it gets to discover cool, new apps. In this post, you'll find some good, unsung resources and apps to make your Android phone more powerful and more fun.

Remote Control for Your Media. The iPhone has many apps available for it that turn your smartphone into a remote control that can help you navigate movies, media and music from your couch. You can get Android equivalents that do this as well. Check out this useful guide to using your Android phone to control Banshee, VLC Media Player, Amarok, XBMC and Boxee in Linux.

Remote Control for Robots. Did you know that LEGO has an app called MinDROID that lets you remotely control robots built using LEGO Mindstorm NXT kits? If you're a robot enthusiast, you can get the source code here.

Apps You'll Use Constantly. JKOntheRun does good roundups of Android apps that you'll likely use a lot. This example provides a number of applications that you might find yourself using regularly. 

Alternative Android App Discovery. Android Market is not the only place to go to to discover compelling Android applications, and one of the more interesting new ways to discover them is Chomp (seen in the screen above), an iPhone app search engine that now caters to Android users. If you're in search of Android apps, you should check Chomp out. We covered it here, and it can help you surface Android apps that you might not have known about. Also on this front, look into AppAware, which lets you both search for good Android apps and find out which the most used ones are.

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