Google's Summer of Code 2011 Includes Many Ambitious Projects

by Sam Dean - Apr. 27, 2011Comments (0)

Each year, Google's Summer of Code event helps foster hundreds of interesting open source projects driven by students who are helped by mentoring organizations. For Summer of Code 2011, Google has announced its list of accepted projects, which includes a number of very ambitious projects. According to Internet News, Google will also inject more than $6 million of support for the open source ecosystem through this year's Summer of Code. It's worth looking into some of the projects that will compete this time around.

As Internet News reports:

"Google chips in $5,550 per student, with $5,000 going to the student and $500 going to the mentoring organization. For 2011, Google has announced that 1,116 students that will be participating in the program, helping out 175 mentoring organizations. So, doing the math In terms of dollars, Google's Summer of Code 2011 effort will inject $6.14 million ($5,500x1,116 = $6,138,000) in the open source ecosystem."

Each year, the financial backing for Summer of Code gets bigger. You can find the full list of accepted projects here. The projects include creations for KDE and GNOME, and a number of Linux-focused ideas. There are animation systems, applications for smartphones and tablets, and much more.

The really interesting thing about Summer of Code is that for a relatively small investment, Google itself helps usher in projects that can have meaning for its own set of technology tools. Still, a quick look at the accepted projects shows that tools for Apple's iPad and the iPhone are just as welcome as other types of tools. Summer of Code remains one of the best bottoms-up efforts to coax open source projects that can make a difference. 

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