Google Leverages its Search Leadership with New Feature in Chrome

by Sam Dean - Aug. 03, 2011Comments (0)

Quick, how old is Google's Chrome browser? You may be surprised to hear that the browser debuted as recently as December of 2008 (although a pre-release build was available a couple of months before that). Among popular software applications, it's a youngster, but Google has shown how far a browser based on an open source core can come in a short time. Now, Chrome is out in a new update featuring bug fixes (some of which called for Google to pay big bug bounties for), and a new "Instant Pages" feature that can speed up searches.

In an update to Chrome 13's stable channel version, Google has included Instant Pages, which pre-loads some search results so that they are set to come back instantly when searched for. As Computerworld notes, Amit Singhal, a Google fellow, described the feature recently:

"Along with the existing Google Instant feature, which lets Google predict search results before users complete a query term, Instant Pages shaves off between four and 10 seconds from the search process, he said."

  Google has claimed that on average a web page takes five seconds to load after a user clicks on a search result, but some Instant Pages results come back almost instantly.

One important thing that Google's focus on Instant Pages reveals is that the company is beginning to understand how its enormous advantage in search technology can help its browser. In some ways, Instant Pages is a like a "page" right out of Microsoft's playbook. Before the U.S. Department of Justice put shackles on the company, Microsoft frequently leveraged the ubiquity of the Windows operating system to boost its browser and other applications. Why won't Google do the same with its advantage in online search technology?

Chrome 13 is available for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. If you're already running Chrome, the browser will be updated automatically.

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