Getting to Know Arduino

by Sam Dean - Oct. 07, 2011Comments (1)

Have you ever spent time with Arduino? It's an open source electronics platform based on a microcontroller and microprocessor with I/O capabilities that allow it to drive many kinds of inventions. We've covered the platform and the community that creates with it before. The project has come a long way in recent years, and here are some of the highlights as they stand now.

Check out the Arduino gallery for a snapshot of how enthusiastic the community surrounding this hardware/software platform is.  How-To Geek also has a good introduction to Arduino, noting:

"The Arduino comes in a variety of different types that make choosing the right one difficult to decide, but variety also allows for flexibility in choosing the perfect solution."

There are many notable inventions based on Arduino. Check out this breathalyzer microphone that allows you to be incognito as you evaluate how much people have had to drink. You can also find Arduino-based robots and a device to help you park your car better here.

Want to get started on your own Arduino project? If so, decide which flavor of circuit board you're going to start with here, and get going with introductory material here. Sooner or later, someone is going to invent something with a lot of commercial potential based on Arduino, and the platform is proof that open source hardware has a future. 

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Open sourcing hardware is very interesting indeed. This gives you the ability to build modular hardware just the way in which you build software applications. However, the cost of failing projects is much higher so I'm not anticipating rapid adoption in the same manner as with software.

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