Get Set for Thunderbird Email, Other Changes, in Ubuntu 11.10

by Sam Dean - Aug. 12, 2011Comments (0)

The next major release of Ubuntu is imminent, and it will bring with it some significant improvements and big changes. While some users are still getting to know Natty Narwhal, version 11.04, Ubuntu 11.10, dubbed "Oneiric Ocelot," is due on October 13th. Several alpha versions of Ocelot have appeared already, but now the new version has had a feature freeze, according to the Ubuntu wiki. Here are some of the changes you can expect in Ubuntu version 11.10.

Mark Shuttleworth has discussed some of the goals with version 11.10 of Ubuntu. As we reported here, it will include Mozilla's Thunderbird as its default email engine, replacing Evolution. This single change may be disruptive for many users, but if you've used Thunderbird in the past and had problems with it, it has improved tremendously. 

Ubuntu 11.10 also includes the latest version of the Linux 3.0 kernel, which will bring many subterranean conveniences with it. For example, the latest Linux kernel helps minimize potential problems with Wi-Fi and other wireless technologies. It also brings a performance with it. 

So what's the default desktop in Ubuntu 11.10? A new and different version of Unity is present, which has already been heralded as having better performance and causing fewer glitches. Canonical has received some criticism for Unity's performance. With version 11.10 of Ubuntu, some users with limited hardware resources may have a better experience with the desktop interface.

There are numerous other improvements in Ubuntu 11.10, including updates to how the Ubuntu Software Center works. If you don't want to wait until October 13th for a final build, you can get the Alpha 3 version of Oneiric Ocelot here.  Note, though, that there will be bug fixes and improvements between now and the release date. 

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