First Mageia Packagers Meeting Signals Beginning

by Susan Linton - Dec. 22, 2010Comments (0)

MageiaLast we heard from Mageia they had chosen their logo and set up infrastructure, teams, and roadmap. Now they are beginning to get into the nuts and bolts of organizing the packaging process. And as you know, packages are the distribution.

About 28 people gathered together on on the #mageia-dev Internet Relay Chat channel to discuss the organization of packaging software for the Mandriva fork. The recruitment of new contributors was among the topics discussed at the December 15 meeting, as well as electing representatives to interact with various Mageia councils and to help manage the packagers team on a daily basis. The packaging team currently boasts over 100 contributors. Mentors have volunteered to help with various training subjects such as RPM packaging and one-on-one help with one or more new packagers.

Registered packagers were asked to fill out more of the wiki package table to aid in organizing who's doing what and so that new contributors can figure out where they're needed. There are 16 categories of packages, some with several sub-categories. For example, under desktops are the subcategories GNOME, KDE, LXDE, and Xfce. There are still several subcategories unassigned, so if you think you'd like to help the first step is signing up at the Mageia Wiki and input your experience and interests in the packaging team list. Mandriva developers will be given an upload account as soon as the build system is turned loose, those with RPM experience can get started fairly quickly with a mentor, and beginners can start right away learning RPM packaging. Documentation and training materials are being written and assembled to assist in the learning process. More mentors are still needed as well.

Meeting and scheduling guidelines were discussed a bit. Packagers will have a short weekly meeting to discuss progress and issues, and longer strategic planning meetings will be conducted once a month. Packaging policies are included in the wider Mageia Policy collection and many are pulled right off of Mandriva servers. Packaging policies deal with things like package groups, tagging, architecture, and freeze rules.

What all this means for the regular user is that Mageia is serious and a new distribution is definitely coming. A new distribution is coming that will not be in danger of disappearing due to a company buyout or insolvency. No one wants to see Mandriva fail and Mageia wasn't born to overshadow or diminish Mandriva. It was born to preserve Mandriva.

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