Firefox Version 6.0 Slated To Arrive Tomorrow

by Sam Dean - Aug. 15, 2011Comments (2)

Back in early February, Mozilla made clear that it was going to radically change its cycle of development for the Firefox browser, adopting a rapid release cycle for new versions. Since then, the company has stuck to the plan, delivering new versions at a much faster clip than it ever has before. That's true despite some complaints from users regarding isolated performance problems, which Mozilla has addressed. Now, a new version 6.0 of the Firefox browser is expected for Mac, Windows and Linux tomorrow.

Mozilla's wiki says that the official release of Firefox 6.0 is slated for tomorrow, and versions 4.0 and 5.0 have appeared since Mozilla's February announcement of the new rapid release cycle. That rapid release cycle caused some adverse reactions. For example, PC World is arguing against  it, noting this:

"While the aggressive development schedule will help keep Firefox on the cutting edge, and allow it to adapt quickly to changes in Web technologies and usage patterns, it might also be confusing for end users to keep up with...Business PCs make up a significant portion of the global PC landscape. Releasing major browser versions faster than businesses can assess and implement them could be a serious handicap for Firefox going forward."

According to Mozilla, a beta version of Firefox 7 is coming tomorrow as well. At this point, there can be no doubt that Mozilla is serious about updating its browser about as often as Google Chrome gets updates. 

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Will Firefox publish download count this time like it did for Firefox 4..? Lol

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I agree with what PC world siad, the new version always make part of my add-ons incompatible. I use Avant browser more and more since firefox force me to update to 4.

Now,I am thinking it's time to back to Avant browser or chrome.

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