Firefox 6.0 Offers Some Fixes, But Version 7.0 is the Next Major Upgrade

by Sam Dean - Aug. 17, 2011Comments (0)

As we noted earlier in the week, this week marks the arrival of Mozilla Firefox version 6.0, which you can download and get release notes for here. ack in early February, Mozilla made clear that it was going to radically change its cycle of development for the Firefox browser, adopting a rapid release cycle for new versions. Since then, the company has stuck to the plan, delivering new versions at a much faster clip than it ever has before. That fast development cycle has raised the ire of some users and IT administrators, but it is keeping Firefox's feature set more in line with Google Chrome's. Is it worth upgrading to version 6.0?

Mozilla has already delivered a beta version of Firefox 7, which is a more significant upgrade than version 6.0. Version 7 has a more advanced JavaScript engine, and JavaScript is essential to getting good performance out of web applications.

Version 6.0 has some enhancements of note. As Ars Technica notes, domain names in Firefox's address bar are highlighted in such a way to make phishing attempts more obvious. There are also a number of bug fixes in version 6.0, and there is support for Scratchpad, a JavaScript prototyping environment. You can find a list of the more incremental improvements in version 6.0 here

Firefox version 7 is really the next major upgrade to look forward to, though. It handles memory much more efficiently, as described here, and the JavaScript improvements should make the browser much more competitive with Google Chrome in performance terms. As for version 6.0, it does show that Mozilla means business about much faster upgrades for Firefox. 

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