Fedora Welcomes in New Management

by Susan Linton - Nov. 16, 2010Comments (1)

Red Hat / FedoraJared Smith, Fedora Project Leader, has announced some personnel changes within the Fedora project that show, as Smith says, "every person in the Fedora community is a potential leader." According to Smith, Fedora's "policies of rotating leadership help ensure that everyone who is so inclined has a chance to lead and serve."

Jesse Keating has worked on the Fedora Release Engineering team for five years and 10 releases and says he needs a break. Keating has recently stepped down as Lead Release Engineer for Fedora to migrate Red Hat's internal package source control to git and is very much looking forward to the challenge. Dennis Gilmore will now be filling the role. Gilmore has previous worked as an OLPC build and release engineer and more recently as a release engineer at Fedora.

Another post filled was the Fedora Program Manager. This position helps "coordinate the Fedora schedule, acts as the Feature Wrangler, and helps out with coordination of other meetings" in preparation for and related to releases. John Poelstra, outgoing Fedora Program Manager, will now be training Robyn Bergeron to take over the position before the Fedora 15 feature submission deadline.

Lastly, Smith says Red Hat is still looking for a systems administrator to serve on the Fedora Infrastructure team. If you think you might be interested, more information is available at Red Hat's career center.

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That's my favorite server flavor.. Thanks for posting..

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