Fedora Moving to Unity Too

by Susan Linton - Dec. 03, 2010Comments (16)

Fedora UnityDespite all the negative reaction to Ubuntu's move to Unity, is it possible that another popular distribution is going to walk in its footsteps? Do they want to experience the backlash and exodus of users? Do they want to be subjected to a barrage of criticism? Well, no, not really. But Adam Williamson is working on making some Fedora packages for those that might want to test and run it.

In a blog post today Williamson announced that he's going to give it the ole college try. But according to him, it's going to be quite the undertaking. He said, "I'm just started at the bottom of the dependency pile and seeing how far I can get. So far, I have review requests in for libindicator and dee. I need to do nux, and after libindicator goes in, the actual indicators. The remaining dependencies are a bit trickier." And that's just the beginning.

But perhaps a better topic is "Why?" Williamson says there are a few reasons. He said, "Mainly, Unity's an interesting project. I want to look at it and compare it to GNOME Shell and I think quite a few others do too." He added Fedora packages seem preferable to installing Ubuntu.

Another reason Williamson gives is it will keep Unity developers honest. Specificially, he said, "if other projects show interest in providing Unity as an option for people to use, it increases the motivation for Unity's developers to make sure it can be easily built without non-upstreamed changes."

Finally, he thought he might help motivate upstream projects to work with the Unity developers. If other distributions are interested, the upstream developers will want to make sure their code is easy to maintain across distributions.

Right now, the early work is just getting started and packages may not compile or run properly at all. But if anyone can do it, it's probably Williamson.

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What were you thinking when you titled this article? Very misleading.

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A correct headline would have been:

- Unity could become Fedora package

- Fedora dev checking if Unity can be added to Fedora

- Fedora interested in helping Unity to become more open

But concluding a switch from a post that explicitly says:

"I’m not promising anything and I’m not proposing this as a Fedora feature or anything, but it’d be cool if it works out."

is simply wrong. Would you mind correcting this? There is no switch planned. But Fedora might add Unity to the repository. That's the simple truth. Maybe not as sensational as you would want it to be ...

Jan Wildeboer

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Man, the headline is crap, please change it, you made me waste precious reading time.

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Even if you'd added a question mark, rather than an exclamation mark, it would have helped take this article more seriously.

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You wasted my time.

Enjoy the traffic, i'm never coming here again.


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The headline is dishonest and should be updated.

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The title is absolute crap. The author should be dragged out onto the street and shot.

This author has lost all credability

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Yep, Susan, others who commented so far are right.

Maybe you just don't understand certain things, but Ubuntu is doing, has done the to Unity, Fedora, the way it looks is going to provide an option of installing and using Unity on Fedora - and that's not to Unity as default shell.

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Fedora is absolute crap anyway......

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Dear Adam Willson,

please waste your time with more important things, not with this canonical-crap ...

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Geez, sorry about the headline. I didn't realize it was such a serious offense. I thought it was amusing, especially with "no, not really" in the first paragraph. I just didn't think it would be taken so seriously.

But outrage duly noted.

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So Fedora announces that it will try to add Unity to the Fedora repos, and your headline claims that Fedora is going with Unity too? Geez, does Fox News write your headlines? FUD is not funny, it is FUD.

I already knew the real story. As a Fedora user I've read the threads. I think OStatic needs to run a "I'm sorry for the stupid headline" follow up. Some of us expect more from your site.

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I already said sorry. I implied that it wouldn't happen again. I'm sorry that's not enough for you.

I was being lighthearted, a joking around with the headline. It was not FUD. It was supposed to be FUN.

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OH NO HER TITLE IS MISLEADING! I WASTED 30 seconds reading a very short article! wow people. its funny when viewers regurgitate comment #1 trying to be part of the cool crowd.

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Wow, poor form. A cheap, sensational title to pull in the readers. Lame tricks like this always backfire.

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Shit blog, bro.

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