Fedora Goes to the Dogs - Hot Dogs That Is

by Susan Linton - Feb. 01, 2011Comments (10)

FedoraThere's a new dog in the house at Fedora, and he just might end up on your Fedora 15 desktop. Chris Lumens, Red Hat Anaconda developer, has proposed a new theme for the upcoming Fedora release built around hot dogs. He boldly states, "the Fedora user experience should feature Hot Dog themed artwork everywhere."

There has been some contention over the upcoming artwork for Fedora 15 this cycle, but no on saw this coming. Most either predicted that the upstream GNOME 3 background would be the basis for the whole of Fedora 15's artwork, or GNOME 3 would be a bit out of place with the rest of the overall theme. Perhaps as a reaction to this controversy, Lumens said, "Recent releases have focused on artwork that is too abstract, too focused on looking shiny. While the result look professional, it lacks a certain sense of the absurd. I propose creating a complete set of Hot Dog themed artwork that is used by default."



Máirín Duffy, Fedora Art Team Leader, is supportive of Lumen's proposal. She posted two Hot Dog wallpapers on her blog January 29. One has a yellow background and the other has a transparent background. Another image posted on the Fedora Hot Dog Wiki page depicts the lovable hot dog in Christmas garb.

Lumen's goal is to show "Fedora to be a distribution with a sense of humor. It doesn't take itself too seriously. It is willing to throw aside the rancor of fedora-devel-list and recognize what is truly important: the friendly Hot Dog with its beady eyes."

Other than Duffy's wallpapers, the theme isn't available yet, but plans include integration into the bootloader, installer, desktop, KDM, and Ksplash themes. Even if it isn't accepted as default, it will probably be offered as a choice or at least a download. Lumen siad, "We may also need to include a theme chooser applet which will enable the Beefy Miracle to take place."

So, fans of high fat, low quality, fun food rejoice. Rumors have it French fries and Sloppy joes will be on the menu for Fedora 16.

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The thing about this is... I can't be bothered to click on the links and see if they mention it, but that there is a Fedora spin of some sort already that uses the hotdog as its logo. I think it's called Omega or some such. And the hotdog looks conspicuously like that up there.

Either way, Fedora can obviously always count on some dog-awful artwork. That broken window was more of a joke than this, imo.

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The mustard indicates progress!

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I just switched from openSUSE 11.3 to Fedora 14, and have been recommending it. I really hope this doesn't become the default for 15, or I'm going to look like an idiot.

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An anonymous user: If it does become the default, then you can always change to another theme. If not, then you have nothing to worry about (if, indeed, the hot dogs are something to worry about in the first place). I think the hot dogs are fairly humorous though, for the quasi-businesslike nature in which I use my laptop, I'll probably have to change the theme. But great work, guys.

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The hot-dogs are a bit of an injoke within the Fedora community; they are coming from the generic-logos package which has to replace fedora-logos on anything that isn't board-blessed Fedora due to trademark laws. They are intentionally ridiculous to encourage third party spins (like Omega) to ship their own icons package, but I guess they opted to perform a beefy miracle. Guess it just goes to show that Fedorans don't take themselves as seriously as most people think. The last week has shown that miracles do happen, even if they have to be beefy miracles.

Now to go package KDM and KSplash themes I made during FUDCon >:)

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This is absolutely hilarious. perhaps an install option that suggests which themes and artwork to use. Overall Fedora always do the right thing.

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nice picture :)

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Vegetarians will love this ;-)

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I wonder how vegetarians and Linux came to be connected in one thread.

Love the pics anyway

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The Fedora Hot Dog themed artwork looks awesome! I would definitely download this application.

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