Fedora 16 Declared Gold, Release Tomorrow

by Susan Linton - Nov. 07, 2011Comments (1)

FedoraFedora 16 has been declared GOLD. At the November 3 Final Go or No Go Meeting, parties in attendance lead by Robyn Bergeron, Fedora Program Manager, declared F16 GOLD. This puts F16 right on track for its scheduled November 8 release.

F16 running in a virtual machine on F16 by Adam Williamson

Fedora 16 will bring some new goodies for users. One that may go unnoticed but may need to be known is the 1000 System Accounts. Fedora will now use UID/GIDs of up to 1000 for system accounts now, it was 500 previously.

GRUB Legacy has been replaced by GRUB 2. Hal has been completely removed. Systemd is more integrated and faster. The Ext4 driver has been updated to work with Ext2 and 3 filesystems.

Sugar and Spice and everything nice have been updated as one might expect. The latest KDE 4.7 and GNOME 3.2 desktops top the list of available interfaces. Fedora designers have been leading the effort to clean-up and match dialog boxes and such. The Anaconda installer has been getting some love too. Social butterflies might like the online accounts and contacts support. A lot of improvements are in the areas of cloud computing, virtualization, and developer tools too.

Keep an eye open tomorrow for announcements and download links.


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Awaiting Fedora 16 release....Need to know how Gnome 3.2 has been refined.....

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