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by Susan Linton - Dec. 09, 2010Comments (0)

MandrivaAs with previous version, Mandriva is holding a contest to bulk up its wallpaper choices in the upcoming release, Mandriva 2010.2. This is the second update to 2010 Spring due out around Christmas. This time though, you get to vote for which you like best. But hurry, contest ends December 16.

In a blog post this morning, Mandriva announced the contest in response to forum requests. Since these contest result in "awesome submissions from all around the world, it would be unfair from us to skip this possibility for the Mandriva Linux 2010.2."

Anyone with a Yahoo! account can sign in and join the Mandriva background contest group. From there submit wallpaper quality photos and vote for favorites. There are a few caveats though.

Entries must be a photo with no recognizable people, no copyrighted content, with no borders, text, or logos. Each should be a minimum size of 1920×1440 and available under a Creative Commons or Share-alike license. Also bear in mind that it is a prospective desktop background, so it should interact well with icons, widgets, and other desktop elements. So far entries seem to be heavy in flowers, trees, pets, and landscapes. Many are beautiful and all are interesting.

So run, join up, and submit your best photos. It just might end up being a part of the upcoming Mandriva release. Mandriva users, go and vote so your favorite might be included. Hurry though, time is limited.


One of the background photo entries


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