Detailed Browser Tests Show Chrome and Safari Leading the Pack

by Sam Dean - Aug. 29, 2011Comments (0)

For quite a while now, open source browsers--led by Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome--have been setting the pace of innovation. If you're at all like me, you run both of these browsers, and you may run different versions of them on various operating systems. I use Firefox and Chrome on multiple platforms. That's what makes Tom's Hardware "Web Browser Grand Prix VI" interesting. It doesn't just pit the popular browsers against each other on the Windows platform, as many such performance comparisons do, but delves into how popular browsers compare on the Mac, with a link to results of Linux-based tests.

One impressive thing about the Tom's Hardware browser comparison is that you can get visuals of how each browser performs unique features. For example, look at the feature breakout for Safari on this page

Which current browser starts up fastest? The Tom's tests show Google Chrome leading that race on Windows 7 and on Mac OS X, which doesn't surprise me, as seen here.  Notably, though in tests involving starting the browsers with eight tabs open, Opera was the clear winner. On Windows and the Mac, Chrome also performed best in page load tests

In the end, the Tom's tests pronounced Chrome the winning browser on Windows, and Safari the top browser on Mac OS X.  You can also find results for browsers on Linux here. The results are quite detailed, and worth a look.

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