Debian Trying to Recruit More Women

by Susan Linton - Nov. 17, 2010Comments (3)

DebianThe Debian Women project is beginning training sessions to encourage more women to participate in the nuts and bolts of Debian development. Alexander Reichle-Schmehl (Debian spokesman, event organizer, and developer) said in a recent press release that "the main goal of this initiative is to encourage more people, and specifically women, to contribute to Debian while introducing them to different aspects of the Debian Project."

"Topics will span over a wide range of subjects related to daily Debian maintenance efforts as well as advanced tasks." The first session is scheduled for Thursday, November 18 at 20:00 UTC (3:00 PM Eastern or 2:00 PM Central US time). Classes will be held on the Debian Women project IRC channel (#debian-women No registration is required, the sessions are open to everyone - even men.

This first class will be lead by Lars Wirzenius on an introduction to Debian packaging. Future sessions planned cover using Git, and Python libraries and application packaging. Further out, other possible topics include "How to use the Bug Tracking System," "The Debian project, organization and history," "Dealing with upstream," and "Secure programming practices." Keep an eye on the wiki for times, dates, and topics.

So if you ever wished you were one of those really cool Debian developers - here's your chance! As Reichle-Schmehl said, "don't be shy!"

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Here we go again. "Not enough women in IT!" Well, there are even fewer blacks in IT than there are white women. Will this "Debian Women" initiative focus on their non-white "sisterhood" for a change instead of just looking for more white women?

And while we're at it, how would a "Debian Blacks" be received, especially by the white women who dominate female populations in technology? Not too well, I'd why is a "Debian Women" received positively? As Arsenio Hall would say, "something to make you go, 'hmmmmm....'"

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Debian Wonder Woman, lol

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I have read the article twice and looked at the wiki and I'm sorry can't find anything in it that says it's for white girls only. What you on about? If you have the skill and you are a woman then get on board. Can't see anything that could possibly hold you back. I have worked in IT for 23 years and I am mother 3 and an ex cat walk model. Sky is the limit if you love what you do.

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