Credativ's Open Source Support Is An Answer To FOSS Support Woes

by Sam Dean - Apr. 25, 2011Comments (0)

Ask many IT managers and business owners why they don't adopt open source software, and a common answer will be "lack of support." After all, many projects don't offer formal support, relying on wikis and forums for answering questions. That's why it was big news in 2009 that Credativ, Europe's largest service and support company focused on open source, was expanding its operations in the United States. Its Open Source Support Center is positioned as a one-stop shop for support for almost all significant open source applications and platforms, including the many flavors of Linux distros, development languages, and databases. Credativ has expanded its efforts to provide comprehensive open source support around the world since 2009, and its efforts appear to be working.

While the argument that deploying open source software saves on costs is popular, there are still many business administrators who see it as a money pit becuase of the costs surrounding training and support.  As you can see at Credative's home page, the company supports open source projects of many stripes in Canada, the U.K., Germany and the U.S.

Credative offers support by phone, email, through remote access and on site. It also has support options that are available 24/7 and it supports most major open source projects and all common Linux distributions. Much more information about its support services is available here

The list of projects that Credativ supports has become more extensive. You can get support for Linux or Mozilla's major projects, but you can also get support for GnuCash for accounting, Bugzilla for bug tracking, Drupal for content management and more. Credativ has also steadily advanced beyond just offering support to training. For example, you can get training for PostgreSQL and other significant open source databases.

Especially since Credativ offers remote control as a support option, its services extend well beyond simply answering phones when open source questions arise. Startups and businesses of many stripes should look into this company's services if support is a major obstacle to deploying open source software.  Pre-paid support prices start from $1500 for 40 support units (15 minutes per unit), which is well within reach of many startups and small- and medium-sized businesses.

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