Compiz Brings New Eye Candy to You and Ubuntu

by Susan Linton - Oct. 25, 2010Comments (2)

A mere four months since the 0.9.0 release, which was the first release in quite a while, Compiz developers brought out version 0.9.2. Sam Spilsbury, developer of Compiz, announced this release on the Compiz mailing list as well as his personal blog on Sunday, October 24.

This release brought a few new features and lots of stability and performance fixes. Splisbury says it should be ready for general usage.

Some highlights of this release include fixing several memory leaks and optimizations. X11 window shadows will now be stored on the root window instead of having to be re-read over gconf or dbus, saving system resources. Resizing is now supported from the center of window. Hooks have been added to allow plugins to maximize or minimize windows and support has been added for the KDE 4.5.x blur hint. "Natural" scale mode has been written to push windows apart if overlapping. All the image cube cap drawing has been moved to a plugin.

Perhaps the more exciting announcement came on October 25 when it was revealed that Compiz would be replacing the clutter-based window manager Mutter in the upcoming Ubuntu 11.04 "Natty Narwhal." This announcement accompanies the shocking news from Mark Shuttleworth at the Ubuntu Developer Summit-N that Unity would be replacing GNOME Shell as the default window manager in Ubuntu 11.04. This puts a lot of pressure on Compiz to perform and development will kick into overdrive during the next several months.

A pleased Spilsbury said that Compiz "is no longer a ‘project without a cause'. With Unity's transition to compiz, we now have the full backing and support (and developer base) given to us as an upstream from the Unity developers." Previously, the future of Compiz was a bit shaky as special effects in KDE and GNOME Shell were advancing. But now Compiz has a real goal.

Spilsbury has also been hired on at Canonical Ltd. to take "the desktop experience of the entire linux ecosystem - nay - the world, to the next level."

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unity is not a desktop environ, it is still gnome with some fancy topping in gnome.

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I'm using Compiz with KDE 4.5.2 in preference to the KWin Desktop Effects. Although I like the latter, I have to say Compiz is still my favourite and I hope it continues to evolve and be supported for many years to come. Two fantastic demonstrations of Compiz:

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