Browser Quiz Tests Your Knowledge of Browser Market and Trends

by Sam Dean - Sep. 09, 2011Comments (1)

Recently, Susan ran results of a poll she took on her personal site showing which browsers her readers use. Firefox was the clear winner, with Chrome in second place, although Chrome's percentage of users increased more than Firefox's did in the past year. Indeed, many studies of browser usage show that Firefox leads Chrome in overall market share, but isn't growing its share as fast as Chrome is. Still, as people shuffle which browsers they favor, are they as informed as they once were about their browsers? A new poll provides an interesting glimpse into what goes on as browser mature, and tests knowledge of the browser market. 

InfoWorld's Big Bad Browser Quiz provides an interesting tour, among other things, of some of the major major development and positioning milestones involving Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox and Chrome.  The poll is not an exploration of what's under the hood in each browser, but rather a quiz on the history and positioning of them. 

For example, one of the questions is about which browser maker created a brouhaha by implying that enterprise users are allegedly not so important. Another asks what browser Apple emphasized before Safari. If you've been using browsers for years, and keep up with news about them, you'll fare well in the quiz.

It's fun to take, and none of the answers are provided here to avoid spoilers, but the quiz is not about which browser offers what technology. 

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I've used Firefox since back when it was just called Mozilla but recently I can't even stand to work it... Ever since the switch to rapid development to compete with Chrome.

But since I hate not having a status bar (which chrome doesn't have), I'm currently using FF's beta browser called "Nightly" (v9.01a) which does have several performance improvements over whatever version is currently the stable release.

After v3.6.x, the load times were horribly slow and it would regularly freeze on Windows 7 x64.

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