Boxee's Open Source Media Center Platform is a Resounding Success

by Sam Dean - Apr. 11, 2011Comments (0)

Slowly but surely, the Boxee open source media center platform has emerged as a true open source success story. Back in March, we noted that Boxee got a very healthy $16 million in venture funding, and we've covered the Boxee platform ever since it was born. Now, strong reviews are pouring in for D-Link's Boxee Box, a hardware device that incorporates the platform and provides a "10-foot user interface," where users can sit on a couch and watch thousands of Internet-streamed TV shows and movies with an incredible level of flexibility. While many people worried that owners of copyrighted content would crush Boxee, the platform marches on.

Device Guru has just one of many recent glowing reviews of the D-Link Boxee Box, and the review includes a very convincing screen shot tour illustrating all you can do with the device. According to the reviewers, it compares very favorably with the Roku media center device and has lots of useful features, including a "Watch Later" scheme that allows you to queue up shows you want to watch when it's convenient.

What really jumps out of the Device Guru screenshot tours is that there is a ton of content available for watching on Boxee's platform. Many people were questioning whether that would be the case back when Hulu famously demanded to be taken off of Boxee's platform due to copyright concerns.

One reason why Boxee has remained so relevant since that time is simply that people have taken to watching Internet-streamed TV shows in a big way. It's very convenient to be able to queue up a show that you missed and watch it whenever you want, and more and more sites cater to this new breed of TV watcher. But Boxee serves up much more content than just TV shows. Check out the Device Guru series of screenshot tours for a really good taste of Boxee's remarkable media center platform. And don't be surprised if you want a Boxee Box after taking the tours.

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