After Delays, Mozilla Delivers Firefox 4 On Schedule

by Sam Dean - Mar. 22, 2011Comments (0)

If you've been holding out on trying the beta versions and Release Candidate version of Firefox 4--Mozilla's major upgrade to its browser--then today is a big day. The Mozilla team has confirmed that Firefox 4 is available today. With this release, Firefox, Google's Chrome browser, and Microsoft's Internet Explorer are set to compete more closely than ever before, and competition between them is likely to cause disruptive changes in browser market share. We've been tracking Firefox 4 through its beta versions and here are some of the top reasons to upgrade.

You can download Firefox 4 here. Whenever a new version of a major browser arrives, many people are wary of installing it because of things that could break. In the case of Firefox, many people use extensions with it, which can cause concern. However, Mozilla had confirmed during the beta cycle for version 4 that "thanks to our community of add-ons developers, more than 70 percent of Firefox Add-ons are now compatible with Firefox 4."

I've run into no problems with the major extensions that I use. Firefox 4 features support for important standards, including added support for HTML 5, and it has much faster Javascript performance, which is especially noticabe when using web apps. You can also store groups of apps that you normally use in "App Tabs" which collect your favorites in one easy-to-access place. 

Mozilla has made a page available that rounds up many of the advantages found in Firefox 4. The page includes many benchmarks that illustrate the significantly faster performance the browser now has. 

As has been true with other major releases of Firefox, Mozilla is likely to issue updates over the next several weeks, and ZDNet has some good information on how quickly these will arrive.  There is no news yet on exactly when a new version of Firefox Mobile will arrive, but especially if you're a Firefox user, version 4 is worth adopting.


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