Adobe Serves Up a 64-bit Flash Player for Linux

by Sam Dean - Jul. 14, 2011Comments (0)

Adobe, which has taken some backlash from Linux users recently, is making up ground with the new beta release of a 64-bit Flash player that works with Linux. The new beta version works with Linux, the Mac and Windows and early test results are showing that it improves performance and smoothness for Flash videos. Most importantly, Adobe is recognizing that working across platforms means working with Linux too.

The beta Flash Player 11 is available for download now, here. It is worth noting that Adobe characterizes it as firmly pre-release software, and not for "production systems" or mission-critical work.

Some of the features from the Flash Player Incubator, such as Stage 3D and 64-bit support, have been moved into this new beta release. As The H Open notes:

"Adobe says that the Flash Player 11 Beta includes new Stage3D APIs for GPU accelerated 3D graphics and better 2D performance, support for creating cubic bezier curves in the drawing API, G.711 audio compression for developers writing telephony applications and H.264/AVC encoding when taking video from a system's local camera. For Linux users, Adobe has added vector printing, a feature already on Windows and Mac versions, to the player for "sharper, crisper" printing.

Internal enhancements include support for fast parsing and generation of JSON, the ability to hint when garbage collection will pause and a way to check for data transmission progress on sockets. Adobe has also added support for TLS Secure Sockets to the Flash Player."

Adobe had been caught in something of a brouhaha with Linux users recently, especially because it dropped AIR for Linux, but is retaining the project for Windows and the Mac. Now, though, users of Ubuntu and other Linux distros are already reporting good performance from the 64-bit Flash beta.

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