A Bushel of Tools for Business and Personal Financial Management

by Sam Dean - Sep. 16, 2011Comments (0)

While they don't get written about as frequently as other types of open source applications, there actually are many good FOSS applications for business and personal financial management. Historically, some of the best ones have been targeted at computer users, but with the rise of mobile applications, you can get your hands on many good financial apps that you can keep in your pocket. Here is a grab bag of good resources on this front, and you should find some applications here that can help you manage your money.

In this post, we covered eight financial management applications worth looking into, and you may not have heard of all of them. GNuCash is a very widely used free, open source accounting software application that many people know, but you may not know RapidMiner, a cool application for mining financial data. 

Also on the business software front, in this post we covered some of the popular business intelligence (BI) applications available in open source versions. Business Intelligence is actually one of the fastest growing categories of commercial open source software, and these applications offer lots of ways for business to better understand their finances.

If you use an Android device, you may be surprised to find that it opens you up to a giant universe of free applications that focus on finance. LinuxLinks has an awesome collection of 38 Android applications in this category. Some of the apps are simple stock and investment tracking tools, but you can also find apps that help you do things like track your expenses in real-time while on the go. 

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