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BitNami provides free, easy to use multiplatform installers for popular open source software such as MediaWiki, Drupal and Joomla! BitNami installers run on Windows, Linux, Mac and Solaris and are e... More

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BitNami Offers Beta Invites to New Cloud Hosting Program


Open source stack vendor BitNami is rolling out a new cloud hosting package and wants to hand out beta invitations to developers and sysadmins. The new program gives users a way to deploy BitNami Stacks -- pre-rolled software bundles that include a Web app and all its necessary software -- right on the Amazon EC2 cloud.

Hosting a stack in the cloud may be preferable for companies that want an easy way to manage Web apps off-premises. BitNami Cloud Hosting lets users manage several servers from one control panel, create automated backups with a one-click restore, and burn a master server image that can be easily duplicated or customized. With Amazon EC2's pay-as-you-go arrangement, businesses can shut down apps when they're not in use to save money.

BitNami adds Ubuntu to the Stacks

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Want to run WordPress, Drupal, or whip up a DJango instance on Ubuntu without all the hassle of configuring an operating system and support stack? Now you can. BitNami has added the most recent release of Ubuntu to its virtual appliance stacks.

BitNami supplies software stacks of popular free software applications and infrastructure. More than 25 applications are available as BitNami stacks, including WordPress, MediaWiki, SugarCRM, Moodle, Trac, and Liferay. The company also bundles up "infrastructure" stacks for development on Django, Ruby on Rails and (of course) the ubiquitous LAMP stack. Each stack includes all the basic software needed for the application or infrastructure.

BitNami Adds New Stacks to List of Pre-Rolled Open Source Software Deployments


It's been a busy year for open source stack vendor BitNami since we last wrote about them. In addition to adding virtual appliances and cloud templates for existing stack, BitNami has also added some new modules and an interesting tutorial that digs deep into an explanation of the company's different RubyStack deployment options.

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