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Azureus Vuze (formerly Azureus) is a BitTorrent client. Like other BitTorrent clients, it is used to transfer files over the BitTorrent Peer-to-peer File sharing network. In other w... More

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AUDIENCE : developers
system administrator : scienctific research : education : information technology : DEVELOPMENT STATUS : production
LICENSE : gnu general public license (gpl)
Linux2 : posix : unix : windows 2000 : windows 2003 : windows 95 : windows 98 : windows nt : windows xp : mac os x : PROGRAMMING LANGUAGE : java
USER INTERFACE : x windows
win32 : mac os x : cocoa :

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Powerful And Very Configurable

Azureus is multiplatform cause it is in Java. It is extensible using plugins and also has numerous options. What makes it a great p2p client is its feature set and configurable options. Most closed source p2p clients usually are loaded with adwares and trojans which is the worst thing to fall for. A bit heavy on the system, it makes up for this with its performance which is excellent.

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Much Better Than UTorrent...

I actually switched to this from uTorrent. I just don't trust that utility any more. It took a little while to come to grips with all of the options that Azureus offers, but now that I have it configured just right, I'm quite happy with this utility.

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French Record Labels Suing Sourceforge, Among Others

If you thought the RIAA had cornered the market on heavy-handed, misguided lawsuits, think again. TorrentFreak reports that the Societe civile des Producteurs de Phonogrammes en France (SPPF) plan on pursuing a lawsuit against three US-based companies that develop P2P applications. Vuze, LimeWire, and Shareaza are the applications targeted in the lawsuit. There is a fourth company named that's not a developer, or a P2P site -- it's a repository.

It's actually not just any repository. It is, for many, the repository for open source applications -- Sourceforge.

Azureus downloads

Can I have multiple active downloads with Azureus? Also, if so, then what is the maximum number and how do I set it?

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