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ARCH is a library of tools for multiprocessor machine and network programming. ARCH has been built upon MPI and consists in a set of programming constructs dedicated to concurrent and parallel program... More

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Mozilla "Push"es Firefox 44, Most Secure Linux Projects

mozilla_firefoxFirefox 44 was released today with Mozilla touting new Push technology. Push allows websites to push content to users without their having to visit the site directly. Elsewhere, The Linux Homefront Project researched which Linux distributions take user security seriously and some of the results are surprising. Jack M. Germain reviewed Nelum OS and Neil Rickert shared his multi-boot techniques.

KDEPIM Akregator Faster than Ever

kde-logoToday in Linux news, Laurent Montel posted of new Akregator plans since version 2 was scrapped. Elsewhere, Matt Hartley discussed what he misses from Windows while Michael Sexton reported that Microsoft will limit processor updates to Windows 10 - pushing more users to Linux. Arch ended up winning that FOSS Force Distro of Year poll and Jesse Smith reviewed Kwort 4.3 in today's Distrowatch Weekly.

Solus Reviewed, Arch Still Ahead, & Reasons to Switch

solus_projectToday in Linux news, two Solus reviews found issues with the newly stable 1.0. FOSS Force's Best Desktop Distro poll finds Arch still leading the pack and Derrik Diener posted 8 reasons to switch from Windows 10 to Linux. A couple of Tumbleweed posts catch us up while Clem Lefebvre officially releases Mint 17.3 KDE and Xfce.

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