About OStatic

Our goal is to increase the adoption of Open Source Software by helping users find viable projects and applications that fulfill specific needs, evaluate them against available alternatives and collaborate with their network of trusted peers.

After working on several projects in the recent past that heavily relied on Open Source Software, we found thousands and thousands of great applications out there. However, finding the right application, evaluating it against other Open Source and Proprietary Source alternatives and obtaining the right support and service infrastructure was, and still is, extremely cumbersome.

So, we decided to take a crack at the problem.

Our guiding principle is to be the most comprehensive web destination for information and insight on Open Source Software and Services. Some of our capabilities are highlighted below, and we will continue to enhance the site based on user feedback (submit feedback here).

The Blog
Read about trends, technologies and best practices covered by experienced Giga Omni Media editors and writers
Participate in daily blog discusions and post your thoughts and opinions
Search Tools
Find experts, identify expertise, and drill down into results.
Search through a growing database of 150,000+ Open Source and 30,000+ Proprietary Source Applications
Read and share reviews on applications.
Filter reviews based on your network's opinion.
Get answers from the community.
Filter content based on your trusted network.
Solicit responses from your network.
Find the best user-rated alternatives to various Open Source and Proprietary Source applications.
Help the community by listing and rating alternatives to existing applications.
Experts network
Create a network of trusted peers. Filter site content based on their input.
Share content exclusively with your network.

After decades of collective experience writing and consuming software, we remain excited by the power and liberation that Open Source Software provides. It harnesses the wisdom of brilliant minds and unleashes the creativity of individuals like never before. We agree with the pundits who believe that the Open Source Software movement is the single most disruptive trend in the $750B IT software and services industry since the emergence of the Internet.

You can help by getting involved! Share your opinions, list alternatives to your applications, review software and answer questions. Help increase the adoption of Open Source Software!

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